Why Retroshift

Stronger, Lighter, Faster. Isn’t that what everyone wants, and for less money too!

Retroshift CX shifters provide a simple and effective alternative to the complex road shifting systems currently available for ‘cross.   Unlike road riding where shifting from the drops is a very desirable ability afforded by systems like STI it is less so in the mud where riders tend to spend a much greater percentage of their time on the hoods.  While CX shifters give up the ability to shift from the drops they gain some real advantages on the hoods that make them a highly competitive option.

Strength: Durable and reliable bar-end shifters are utilized for index or friction shifting in conjunction with more direct cable routing to provide greater resilience to mud and friction that can stop other systems from functioning correctly.  This is as trouble free as it gets for integrated shifting.

Weight:  CX shifters were not designed to be light but we were happily surprised with where the system came in 50 grams lighter than Ultegra 6700 and almost on par with Dura-Ace.

Speed: Shifting speed and ability is greatly increased over the more complicated options.  System will shift across 10 gears in either direction in under a half second and provides excellent ability to downshift while braking.  Shifting is instant, no waiting to click a gear at a time to get where you want to be with road systems.

Affordability:  As one of our great heroes Keith Bontrager said, “Strong, light, cheap. Pick two.”  Well now you can pick three!  CX shifters are lighter and roughly half the price of a set of Ultegra, and additionally we provide a crash replacement program that really will set you apart from the crowd. If you should damage a CX shifter just send us a damaged unit and we will repair or replace it for just $24. Try that with your fancy shifters!

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